Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Stars and their cars

I recently read about Simon Cowell’s chauffeur driving his Rolls Royce Phantom the length of Britain (800 miles) to pick up Mr Cowell from Glasgow and drive him two and a half miles to the audition studios. This may seem self indulgent but when you own a car that is so expensive and a part of your persona then why leave it at home? There was probably also a good reason why Mr Cowell required his vehicle at that time.

I have driven for various clients who have their own Uber luxury cars and as their chauffeur am employed to carry out my clients wishes. I have picked up my client from Mayfair at 6.30am, driven them approximately 10 miles to a meeting at Canary Wharf and sat outside the office until midnight when my client finished the meeting and required me to take them home again!

I have also driven a clients top of the range Mercedes S65L AMG. A beast of a car that can reach 0-60 in 4.4 seconds, is electronically limited to 155mph but can top 200mph and does 19mpg? yet it was never driven over 40miles per hour?

The point is, if you can afford the best cars in the world, then expense will not worry you. A little indulgement in a passion for the exotica, albeit cars is something most of us can only dream of. Why have a beautiful car if it’s only going to sit in the garage.


  1. I thought Simon Cowell has a Maybach. Maybe he has both, he can afford it. But I'm sure I saw him in a Maybach on MTV or some place. I also heard that the sultan of brunei has a rolls royce made of gold now that's over indulgence at its best.

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