Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Stars and their cars

I recently read about Simon Cowell’s chauffeur driving his Rolls Royce Phantom the length of Britain (800 miles) to pick up Mr Cowell from Glasgow and drive him two and a half miles to the audition studios. This may seem self indulgent but when you own a car that is so expensive and a part of your persona then why leave it at home? There was probably also a good reason why Mr Cowell required his vehicle at that time.

I have driven for various clients who have their own Uber luxury cars and as their chauffeur am employed to carry out my clients wishes. I have picked up my client from Mayfair at 6.30am, driven them approximately 10 miles to a meeting at Canary Wharf and sat outside the office until midnight when my client finished the meeting and required me to take them home again!

I have also driven a clients top of the range Mercedes S65L AMG. A beast of a car that can reach 0-60 in 4.4 seconds, is electronically limited to 155mph but can top 200mph and does 19mpg? yet it was never driven over 40miles per hour?

The point is, if you can afford the best cars in the world, then expense will not worry you. A little indulgement in a passion for the exotica, albeit cars is something most of us can only dream of. Why have a beautiful car if it’s only going to sit in the garage.

Monday, 5 April 2010

First Class VIP Service, Second to none

Crown Security Chauffeurs Limited consistently provides the highest level of security and transport solutions our clients have come to expect. They also know they will receive the finest and most comprehensive all round service whilst in our care.

We excel within our industry as we aim to be better than the rest. We pride ourselves on our exclusive and growing client portfolio as we endeavour to build on the relationships with our clients from their very first enquiry. They can be assured that we will go the extra mile to make their time with us as enjoyable, relaxed and as organised as possible.

With years of experience, regular training and a thorough knowledge of our industry, Crown Security Chauffeurs have become accustomed to our clients wants and needs and from the outset, aim to meet, if not exceed them. We have developed a range of quality services that we offer so as to ensure a complete bespoke service for each and every client. By doing this you can be assured that the control, organisation and planning goes as smoothly and trouble free as possible.

Our range of services cover:-

*Fully licensed and experienced close protection and residential security teams.
Our security teams will ensure the safety and security of yourself, your family and guests, your property and your personal possessions. With constant 24 hour supervision and control, together with our pro-active skills and knowledge, we will ensure you feel safe in any environment so you can continue to relax and enjoy your normal day-to-day activities. Whether you prefer visual security support or wish for our security teams to blend in and remain obscure, we can always provide the necessary level of protection for you without compromise.

*The worlds most qualified personal close protection bodyguards.
Our elite close protection bodyguards come from all walks of life and have gained a wealth of formal training and experience in providing one-to-one close protection. With years of experience within the armed forces, police and security, our operatives have the knowledge and expertise to avoid, diffuse and combat any potential threat before it arises and keep you safe from harm without you even realising. Safe in the knowledge that wherever you go and whatever you do our operatives are close by to protect and watch out for you and safely deter any unwanted attention or encroachment.

*Highly trained and licensed security chauffeurs.
There are chauffeurs and then there are Crown Security Chauffeurs. The difference is our security chauffeurs have expertise in every aspect of what they do. They are courteous, polite and helpful and have the training and expertise needed to ensure that every client feels relaxed and comfortable with all of their needs catered for to enjoy their journey. Our clients know that Crown Security Chauffeurs will transport them in luxury and style, wherever they want to go, on time and relaxed.

Crown Security Chauffeurs have the best geographical and topographical knowledge to plan every journey and are trained to expect the unexpected and initiate sharp thinking and quick reactions to avoid any hazardous situations or hold ups, with the safety and security of our clients being of paramount importance. Each of our highly skilled chauffeurs have completed a full advanced driver training course in evasive and combat driving, embus and debussing, convoy formation and techniques and high speed pursuit and getaway. Most of these attributes will not be required day to day but there may be occassions when the need to facilitate these skills fully to ensure complete safety and it is good to know that your safety is in the best possible hands.

Our chauffeurs are also trained and certificated by the British Chauffeurs Guild in all aspects of etiquette and professionalism to ensure that you feel extra special and are treated as one of our VIP's. Clients who choose Crown Security Chauffeurs do so because they know that this is the only level of service we provide.

We offer a wide choice of luxury vehicles, maintained to the highest standard and driven with complete care by each of our chauffeurs for clients to enjoy.

*Our complete Executive Assistance service to help organise all of your daily activities and your travel arrangements.
For our clients, we can provide our complete Executive Assitance. A service we offer to enable you to enjoy your time with us without the need for you to personally book or organise and arrange activites. With our extensive list of close personal contacts, we can book your hotel, restaurant and theatre reservations, arrange the best tables and get you on the VIP list at some of the most exclusive events or clubs in and around London.

Whether you are on holiday or sightseeing, let us organise your travel arrangements and connections aswell as luggage transfer and plan outings and activities wherever you may want to visit or If you are on business, we will help organise your meeting rooms, business lunches and appointments. Our Executive Assistance can be an invaluable aide for almost any aspect of your stay to make it stress free and as enjoyable as possible.

*Our efficient and courteous concierge service to cater for all of your personal requirements.
Crown Security Chauffeurs prides itself on offering the most professional and comprehensive personal security and chauffeur services available. To fully complete this, we offer our dedicated concierge service. We can organise the collection and delivery of luggage, shopping, dry cleaning, bookings and reservations, whatever you require we will aim to provide.

For these reasons, our clients keep coming back. Choose Crown Security Chauffeurs and we will take complete care of you.