Friday, 3 July 2009

Get rich!

I doubt very much that being a close protection chauffeur will ever make chauffeurs rich men. Having a selection of high class luxury cars helps bring in the contracts and having an excellent reputation working for the most influential people in the world does bring trust and increase business, but at the most, It should lead to a very comfortable life.

The average earning for a standard chauffeur is approximately £8 - £15 per hour depending on qualifications and experience, The average earnings for an SIA licensed Close Protection Operative range from £20 - £35 per hour, again depending on qualifications and experience. In both roles, reputation is King, as the amount of qualified people far outweigh the number of positions available. Anybody who can drive and anybody leaving the forces, look to applying their skills to a career that will increase their earnings potential, thus leaving this sector completely saturated.

As for making it rich and being the person in the back of the car..... not for a hell of a long while and not without putting in the hours or taking huge risks.

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