Tuesday, 30 June 2009

No time to stop

Hi blogytes,

Welcome to my second blog and as you can see from my first blog, it's not as easy making the time to get on here as often as I would like. I have had such a hectic schedule over the past week that as soon as I have finished with one client, I have to collect my next one and when I do finish, I have approximately minutes to grab some zzzzzz's before I start again. Such is life in the life of a CPO Driver. Well I guess thats why i'm in such demand, 'dedication'.

I am taking the day off today to spend lazing in the sun and get some colour to my skin as living in the shadows of the celebs and VIP's you tend to lay low in the background, out of sight.

Tomorrow, I start at 6am and drive my client from Central London to the south coast and back again and when I drop him off at 5pm, I have another client to transport around London until midnight. This is all subject to traffic being non existent and the roads being mysteriously empty, 'as if'.

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